Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sass on Sunday

Model: Saskia W
Photographer: Yours Truly

After eating pancakes on a lazy Sunday sass and I decided to play dress ups and capture the moment. The clothing photographed is a mix of vintage, new, designer and opp-shop, which capture Sass's personal style. Sass will often throw a surf-wear hoodie over a designer dress and somehow manage to pull it off, and if her feet are cold she wont hesitate to wear socks under her clogs or throw on a beanie (as photographed).

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Black & White Belle

Photographer: Roger Deckker

I can’t seem to find much information on Roger Deckker so please further inform me if you know anything about his history, origin, general bio etc. Perhaps my research skills are out today? Although what I do know (personal opinion) is that these photos are awe-inspiring, they manage to portray a narrative, I’m left wondering about each heroine photographed. The black and white contrast make for a high impact photo and give a late 1960's vibe.

Fernando Frisoni

Fernando Frisoni Autumn/ Winter 2010

Fernando Frisoni's selection of prints designed by Bernard Kim are a standout for this collection, inspired by film noir and elements of goth and vampire culture. The colours used look striking on black block coloured fabrics and can easily worn throughout the winter months, layered with black (I’d keep it simple), the prints are statement enough!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a destination, danzing and a dead man called dash

This Oyster Magazine (Feb/ March 2010) shoot by Australian photographer Bec Parsons has made my day, week perhaps even month... I LOVE it; these pictures are jam packed with amazing style and personality! Tallulah Morton is full of energy and manages to look fun, rebellious, approachable and dishevelled in the one picture.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dree Hemingway takes to the pages of LOVE, with a little help from her friends: Bruce Weber shoots Dree alongside her pals Paolo Kester and Cadence Owensby for special editorial. The combination of Dree’s dynamic energy and Weber’s collage style, make for a story that is full of life.

Dopamine - Dustin Humphrey

"Insight has launched an impressive art installation series entitled Dopamine, from setting up underwater art installations with surf actions shots in Bali and having re-created famous skate spots in the middle of the Balinese jungle. The surf installation was inspired by Beatnick;, Steve Gorrow embarked on a journey beneath the sea to explore the depths of the mind and creativity. Along with the help of his brother, Steve shipped out to Bali to take on the massive feat of building above and beneath the sea to give birth to the latest Insight surf spectacle, and that is Dopamine. Not one to cut corners on creativity, Steve combined upside down bedrooms, naked girls on motor bikes and underwater shanty towns with the amazing skill of the Insight surf team (surfnics) and the photographic talents of Dustin Humphrey to create an array of split double world madness. Welcome to Insight's latest surf campaign featuring surfers Kai Otton, Luke Stedman, Warren Smith, Jared Mell, Made Lana,Jason Apparicio & The Jamaican Surf Team."

Friday, February 12, 2010

Paris, je t'aime

The styling in this photo shoot is amazing; I love the use of layers and various textured fabrics. I wish I could transport myself to Paris now; instead I’ll buy a pair of black fish net stockings as a small consolation.