Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sass on Sunday

Model: Saskia W
Photographer: Yours Truly

After eating pancakes on a lazy Sunday sass and I decided to play dress ups and capture the moment. The clothing photographed is a mix of vintage, new, designer and opp-shop, which capture Sass's personal style. Sass will often throw a surf-wear hoodie over a designer dress and somehow manage to pull it off, and if her feet are cold she wont hesitate to wear socks under her clogs or throw on a beanie (as photographed).


  1. Sass looks awesome! Love the third photo! xx

  2. hey thanks for stopping by!
    love the photos you took - i especially like the one with the cutout back.
    ps. follow my blog? :)

  3. I like very much your blog, some of the pictures are great!!
    Thanks for comment :)
    See you! ^^

  4. lovely look
    your blog is great!

  5. I like your photos and your blog. This is fabulous !